💳 What is a Student Card?

A Student Card provides you with various discounts and offers including accomodation, entertainment, food and drink, study, sport and healthcare.
The Student Card plays a supporting role in smoothing your accomodation period, fostering intercultural understanding, and living your student exprerience to its full potential!

💳 The card is used before making any payments to make sure the discount is appplied (after does not guarantee the discount) and you can use only one card per payment.

💳 If you are the possessor of the card you agree with regular messages about the latest discounts from our partners sent via text or email.

💳 If you want to get yours, just click on it!

Make sure you provide us with accurate details so that we can get in touch with you. After that, the card will be sent to you via post or you can come by to pick it up.

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